Stefan Bartlett
Stefan BartlettConsultant

“Climate change is a huge problem and will become an even greater one for generations to come. By working at BVGA, I can help clients make better decisions for their businesses while also accelerating the transition to a greener energy supply. I am able to work with people who share this vision and I enjoy the variation that comes from working in an evolving industry.”

“I feel driven to make a positive difference in my professional life, and being involved in the renewable energy industry affords me the opportunity to play a part in the global transition to a low-carbon economy.

I really value working for a business that is focussed on enabling change in the wind energy industry, whilst always ensuring that solutions make tangible commercial sense for our clients. Working with inspiring colleagues, clients and partners who share this vision provides a great sense of camaraderie and purpose.

I also take great satisfaction from the shear ingenuity of extracting cheap and carbon-free energy from the wind, and in seeing an industry develop from being a fringe solution to be part of the energy mainstream.”

Neil Douglas
Neil DouglasDirector
Giles Hundleby
Giles HundlebyDirector

“I work at BVGA to help fight against climate change in the best way that I can think of. Why? Because it’s the biggest long term threat to mankind, and because I want to show the next generation that you can have a career while also doing good stuff.”

“The natural world has always amazed me, and mitigating anthropogenic climate change is arguably the most pressing environmental issue of our time. Working in the renewable energy industry presents the opportunity to make a positive difference and to contribute to sustainable development. It is a constantly evolving and very exciting industry to work in.

BVG Associates adopts an approach to change based on business realism rather than idealism. I can really see the influence BVGA has on the industry – which makes them a great company to work for! I enjoy the variety in the work we do, which always feels both challenging and meaningful.

There are so many inspiring people both in BVGA and in the industry in general, and it is very motivating to see how much passion people have!”

Mona Pettersen
Mona PettersenConsultant
Andy Strowbridge
Andy StrowbridgeAssociate Director

“I first came across wind energy thirty years ago and was “blown away” by it.

As an engineer I found it fascinating how free and renewable wind could be converted into useful clean energy, utilising the whole range of advanced engineering disciplines. Soon after, the reality and imperative of climate change came clearly into focus. As the costs of renewable energy, including wind, has come down and volumes increased, it has taken on a key role in the fight against climate change.

I see my role in business consulting as oiling the wheels of industry, so that renewable energy can become even better and cheaper, faster, and so accelerate the energy transition to a completely clean energy system. This still puts a smile on my face when I come into work every day.”

“Answering our many clients’ toughest problems means our work is varied and challenging. Most of my work relating to technology is a great combination of the biggest rotating machines on earth (by far) with high-tech control. I still find it exciting that we are able to harness the power of wind, a free, everlasting resource, to make something from nothing. I know that I am making a difference in addressing one of the world’s big challenges – looking after our climate. That means even when things are tough, I can go home happy that I am making a positive difference through my time at work. I also enjoy the chance to travel and significantly influence how I spend my time.”

Bruce Valpy
Bruce ValpyManaging Director