The Manila Times reported on our work, in collaboration, with Arup and Puno Law, for the the World Bank Group on developing wind power in the Philippines.

In includes the following quotes:

“We believe that, with deliberate efforts, offshore wind can become a pillar of Philippines’ clean energy future,” Jie Tang, WBG Energy Practice Manger for East Asia and Pacific Region.

“Through excellent collaboration with the DoE, our partners BVG Associates (with Arup and Puno Law), and many other stakeholders, we have developed our proposed way forward for offshore wind in the Philippines,” WBG Offshore Wind Development Program co-lead, Mark Leybourne said.

“It is now time to share that more widely and get further feedback,” he continued. Bruce Valpy, BVG Associates Team Lead, shared his optimism about collaborating with the Philippine government and industry players.

“We are keen to help the Government of the Philippines make the right decisions about offshore wind, finding a route to provide consumers with reliable, stable, affordable, and clean power while growing an industry that provides safe, long-term jobs,” Valpy said.

“There are challenges to address, but with this positive spirit, offshore wind can deliver much benefit to the Philippines over the next 20 years,” Valpy added.

You can read the story in full here: World Bank backs wind power devt.